Community Mapping
Georgina, Ontario

Millbrook Master Plan Concepts
Millbrook, Ontario

The Georgina Book
Georgina, Ontario

Map Design: Mark Setter
Graphic Design: Daniel Faucher
GIS Data and Orthography: Jason Anderson
Photos: Residents of the Communities
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Community Mapping

Georgina, Ontario

As Map Director, Mark worked with the not-for-profit Alliance for a Better Georgina (ABG) to create poster-size maps showcasing the social, historic and environmental features of six of Georgina's diverse communities. These colourful informative maps reflect the local features that are of most value to each of the communities. The maps are an attempt to foster deeper community interest in planning and nurture community building through proactive rather than reactive activities. Mark participated in dozens of community workshops, gathering and distilling stories and photographs to create these unique maps.

In 2010, Mark and a small dedicated group of locals compiled all the best stories, maps and photos into the Georgina Book.